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History of Rumdo Engineering College

Rumdo Engineering College (REC), under the affiliation of Dhaka University, stands as the largest private educational institution, with the integration of quality education with technological advancement. Recognizing that the development of skilled human resources hinges upon the fusion of educational excellence and the rapid development of technology, REC advocates the importance of technical education in shaping competent and experienced professionals.

Established in 2023 with an unwavering commitment and determination, Rumdo Engineering College embarked on its journey with four departments. Presently, academic pursuits are conducted under the esteemed Faculty of Engineering and Technology of Dhaka University. Each academic session offers admission opportunities to a total of 90 students, with 30 students allocated to each department. Remarkably, the Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) Department, recognizing the growing significance of computer science and technology, accommodates 30 students per academic session.

Rumdo Engineering College’s decision to allocate more students to the Computer Science and Engineering Department reflects its proactive approach to meet the growing demand for technical skills. This underscores Rumdo Engineering College’s forward-thinking stance in addressing the evolving educational and professional landscape, establishing it as a leader in providing relevant expertise.

Vision & Mission


To become a center of excellence in education, research, and innovation, dedicated to meeting the national and international demands in engineering and technology.


To foster the development of leaders in various branches of engineering and technology, characterized by high ethical standards and professionalism, through comprehensive education, research, and innovation in a conducive environment.
To actively contribute to the socio-economic, environmental, and technological advancement of the nation.
To engage in collaborative research and projects that foster sustainable partnerships with academia and industry, driving innovation and progress.


Abu Hasnat Md. Yeahea

Chairman - Saic Group

In our pursuit to align with the advancements in science and information technology, and to strengthen our capacity in higher education, Rumdo Engineering College is dedicated to fostering the practice of modern knowledge at the national level. Our commitment lies in expanding reading and research activities to propel our institution forward.

I firmly believe that by fostering the new generation’s interest in technical education, Bangladesh will soon establish itself as a prosperous nation on the world stage. Therefore, I call upon everyone to embrace our collective slogan: “We want Engineering education for all.” Let us work together to achieve this vision of inclusive education and prosperity for our nation.


Shohaly Easmin

Managing Director - Saic Group

Education stands as the primary driver of human advancement, and when coupled with action, its impact knows no bounds.. Rumdo Engineering College aligns with Bangladesh’s initiatives for education and technology advancement. With practical classes and a focus on international opportunities, we aim to empower our students and contribute to the nation’s prosperity. Together, let’s build a brighter future for Bangladesh.


Shariful Haque


Education is a powerful force for change, as famously stated by Nelson Mandela. At Selvamm Arts and Science College, we hold education in the highest regard. Founded by the visionary Shohaly Easmin, our college has grown from humble beginnings to become a respected institution over the past decade. We take immense pride in our journey and are committed to continuing our legacy of excellence in education.

Our mission is clear: to provide quality education that transforms lives and empowers individuals to make a positive impact on society. We believe in the holistic development of our students, nurturing their academic, personal, and professional growth. Through a supportive mentor system and a range of extracurricular activities, we aim to instill values of discipline, integrity, and leadership in our students.

As we continue to uphold our commitment to academic excellence and societal contribution, we extend our heartfelt wishes for the success and prosperity of all those dedicated to the noble cause of education. Together, let us strive to create a brighter future through the transformative power of education.

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